Monday, August 23, 2010

Joining the droves of arrogant people that have blogs.

Here we go.

For some reason I decided the World needed to hear my opinion of it, so I did what any qualified person in my position would do- start a blog.  Unfortunately, there are no qualifications for having a blog- much like having children.  Any person- with or without the seemly required faculties, intelligences, propensions, or even legitimate will- can apprehend a child or a blog.

My hopes are probably no higher than those of any other person online, burning midnight oil with their most meaningful thoughts, rendering and re-rendering them.  Feigning the same battle as me at 15- having barely started the bittersweet changes of adolescence, trying to seem tall as a man.  But I'd like to be more realistic, and more honest.

I'm hoping this blog will make my Life and my Creativity more accessible to those of you who desire that.  I want it to be something that is worth stopping by once in awhile.  I want you to experience authenticity in yourselves from the authenticity that can be found in words and images.  These ones happen to come from me.  Cause its my blog.