Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Suit My Fancy

The first Friday of Oct, I'm having another artshow.   It may be my last for awhile, as I've been trying to diversify my creative portfolio.  It's called "Suit my Fancy," and the theme of 'entitlement' has arisen consistently in my work- though I've tried hard not to chain my thoughts or funnel all my creative juices into one word.  

I'm slightly anxious about the overt religious and political questions I ask.  Not nervous because they are really abrasive, but nervous because I don't want to answer them.  I find my work creatively asking questions in high hopes of generating valuable dialogue and conversation between viewers.  I do not ask questions so that people arrive at my conclusions.  Often, I haven't even landed myself.

This is my first sculptural show- made mostly of found objects, painted, and paired with other found objects.  I've been collecting objects for this show for about three years, and the pieces are coming together really well.  I'll post some when I have an opportunity with a nice camera- so that the three people who follow this blog can see what I've been up to.  

Here's my tentative Statement about the Work:

Suit my Fancy

We are the protagonists in our own Lives.
We have soundtracks designed to bolster those Lives, 
as we walk, as we drive, as we fly, as we eat, as we run, as we work.
Everything is accessible to us, food, information, money..
We are our own hero, our own God, our own Savior.
That which we fancy, we generally receive.  

These pieces are what we would talk about if you and I sat down and had a beer.  They are questions, aversions- things we overheard at a coffeeshop.
They are tongue in cheek.  

They are not things we necessarily know a lot about.  
They are things that are worth educating ourselves about. 
Talking about.
Caring about. 
Finding Truth and common ground within.
-cause while many things we surround ourselves with- 
"suit our fancy,"
many will not.  

We must learn to live with them, walk with them, cherish them.
Or Life will drown us by the bagful.

If anyone's got feedback, lemme know I love getting criticism.  


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